F56 JCW Exterior Package to be Introduced for 2015

The F56 JCW Exterior package will debut for the 2015 model year later this summer. That’s the word straight from MINI USA products managers from the floor of NYIAS. The JCW exterior package will consist of wheels, aero-kit and some new trim. It appears that the package will be purely cosmetic (much like the current pack is) and will likely mirrored by a similar interior package.

The JCW Exterior pack will be available from the factory while MINI will also introduce a number of JCW accessories in the after sales channel. Look for wheels, stickers, trim, a steering wheel and a number of interior accessories around the same time. Look for pricing and other details soon.

What about the full-on F56 JCW? Look for that to likely debut as a completely separate model at the Detroit Auto show in early January and hit showrooms next spring. And we’re told by folks in the know to expect very good things.


  • jbkone

    Am I the only one who can’t wait to see someone make an aftermarket R56-like front end for it?

    • b-

      No, you aren’t! How about one that looks like the MINI Vision Concept or the F55 Clubman Concept, because you KNOW that they won’t use the awesome concept front bumper!


        The F55 isn’t the Clubman to be introduced the 2nd half of next year. That’s the F54 designation for the Clubman. The F55 is the 4 door hatch version of the F56 slated to come out this fall…very much like the F56, except for about 2 inches longer in length as well as in rear leg room, but with 4 doors instead of 2.

        • b-

          Right, sorry, I messed up and said F55 when I was talking about the F54 Clubman concept.

  • vzben
    • b-

      Those are still UGLY!

  • MJCW

    I like this comment: ” It appears that the package will be purely cosmetic (much like the current pack is) and will likely mirrored by a similar interior package.”…..yeah…like a bad Halloween mask….

  • While I welcome the JCW Countryman/Paceman-like 5-lug nut wheel options we’ve seen, I’m not a fan of the bulbous aero kit. As opposed to the R56 or R53 aero kit which had a nice wide lower air intake, the multiple rounded body-colored air openings break up the front and the shape does not seem to have a discernible purpose or relationship to any other part of the car. The lower intakes compete with the already large [double] grille for attention which isn’t a good thing. The rear is a similar story, the edges of the lower faux-vents jut out from the bumper causing a wart-like look and I think make the rear look a bit droopy. Sometimes simpler is better although I’ll reserve judgement until this is seen in the flesh.

    • lavardera

      yes, I’m thinking I’d like a JCW with the Cooper body kit..

  • piper


    • lavardera

      like your typing

  • piper

    busy, more busy, and busiest design to date best describes this car

  • Karl

    Apparently, Piper doesn’t like it. Go figure.

  • anonymous

    Come on, we all know it’s ugly. They took a good design with the base cooper panel, shrunk an M lower bumper, and glued it to the front of the new cooper. It’s bulbous and looks terrible. Also, in a note for the S and JCW, anyone who’s been hands on with the F56 has seen that the hood scoop is completely cosmetic. In my opinion, why even bother at that point?


      It will really be interesting to see what the sales figures show over the upcoming months & beyond for the F56 compared to the R56 when it debuted, as well as the R53 when it 1st hit showrooms. We’ve seem many who like the look but also many who are very vocal about the look of its fat lower lip, too large overall, etc etc. The negative comments seem to come out the loudest!

      What will the view of it be if the sales are better than the previous R56/R53 indicating that it has strong support. If the sales don’t meet expectations, then the naysayers might say I told you so. It’s expected the F55 4 door coming out this fall could even top the F56 in sales. What if that happens? Sales will show the true picture of the controversial look of this new generation of the 2 door hatch.