Electric MINI Cooper SE Pre-Order is a Huge Hit in Europe

According to MINI there have been over 60,000 people in Europe and the UK who have pre-ordered the electric MINI Cooper SE. 60,000 is more than MINI has ever sold in the US annually and represents a Huge hit for the brand.

MINI Cooper SE

This is the first time MINI has ever run a pre-sales program and sales are well ahead of expectations according to MINI. But what exactly constitutes a sale here? To pre-order the Cooper SE you need to put down a £500 refundable deposit via the MINI website. While it’s not binding it’s a level of commitment similar to what Tesla asked for with the Model 3 pre-orders.

In the US there’s no official program however many dealers are currently taking deposits for production slots which should delivery in Q1. US pricing should be accounted around the time of the LA auto show in late November.