Update: It now appears certain that the 2006 model year will begin in September 2005.

MotoringFile has just received word on the time-table for the 2006 MINI. While a final decision is yet to be made, it looks like the 2006 model year production may begin in November rather than the customary late summer/early fall timeframe of years past. The change means US deliveries may not happen until mid to late December or even early January. This of course is in stark contrast to the 2005 model year which began production July 1st 2004. While this is not yet confirmed, the information did come from a source in the know.

While it’s not clear what the true reasons for a change are, we can speculate that the delay may have something to do with the rumored introduction of JCW factory options previously reported on MF. Interestingly, these options were said to start with November production. But It could also be due to the next generation MINI timeline which is due to go into production in the fall of next year.

We’ll hopefully be in a better position to confirm this in the weeks ahead.


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