Owning a MINI and being 6’2″ has presented little in the way of comfort issues over the years. There’s always enough leg room front to back (more than enough in fact) to allow for total comfort and with the adjustable steering wheel there’s never a knee clearance issue. However there is one area within the car that doesn’t correspond well with long legs, the left down tube. When driving I’ve often found myself resting my leg on the left down tube as part brace and part in-car ottoman. While it’s not entirely an uncomfortable spot, as hard plastic, it’s certainly not ideal.

The MyMini Knee Pad attempts to rectify this issue. The knee pad attaches to the down tube via a large swath of velcro attached to the pad and (after self application) to the down tube. The result is a secure installation that is easy to remove and reposition.

The pad is made of 1/2″ foam and is wrapped in either black or red leather. The result is an addition to the car that doesn’t look out of place in an entirely stock car. In fact there’s a functional look to it that implies spirited driving or race inspired. Of course it’s the added comfort makes it a necessity.

The only downside I can find is that the leather actually seems to be of higher qualiity than the standard MINI leather seating and thus doesn’t match perfectly. Of course you can only see this difference up close.

The comfort that is added from the knee pad, especially on long trips, is a welcome addition. For my money, the pad has joined the ranks of those must have upgrades like the auto-up circuit or the Euro parcel shelf. It’s that good.

Rating: 4.5 (out of five)

The MyMini Knee Pad retails for $35 and is available from