In keeping with the recent MotoringFIle motorsports kick, I thought
I’d pass this little tidbit on.

This week, I received the September newsletter from MINI-Madness. Within the email was a bit about a race-prepped S going toe-to-toe with some serious machinery… and most notably a Porsche 993 C2!

Steve Diniz and Jason Aranha of Spider Racing were out racing at
Texas Motorsport Ranch recently. After a solid performance by the team, the weekend was wrapping up, and the final event was a fun race comprised of the remaining cars. But as it turned out, the fun race turned out to be the most exciting race to watch:

The field was comprised of a PTG replica E-46 M3, Porsche 993 C2, the Mini, 2 E-30 M3’s and a 2002 BMW. Jason really wanted an overall win and went for it, the M3 pulled away with the 993 following and Jason hot on his tail. By the second lap Jason tried a pass and got everyone’s attention, from then on it was the best show of the weekend especially when Jason passed the 993 and held him off till the finish. The bmw crowd was cheering like crazy seeing the Mini beat a fairly new 911.

But it gets better. MINI-Madness is hosting the in-car footage from the race – from BOTH the MINI and the 993 – so you can really get the driver’s perspectives of the action as it unfolded!

The videos are pretty large Windows Media Player files. You may need to download the free player (Mac or Windows).

Update: Apparently due to bandwidth issues the videos have been removed from the above links. You can still see a full video (and I mean full) at However be warned, it’s encoded using Divx and is still 123Mb.

To play Divx files you may need a player like VLC.