Saturday was the start of the MINI² Deutschlandrundfahrt, the German equivalent to the MTTS. About 15 MINIs took off in Stuttgart and headed south towards the Alpes.

Agsl and UL1 do the full 3,500 km (2,175 miles) which are now split into 20 legs. And while they are on the road they blog happily in Waldorf & Statler style – and in German of course: Read the tour blog

MINI² Deutschlandrundfahrt 2006

So far over 50 MINIs signed up for one or more legs of the tour, totalling to over 200 registrations. But that’s not enough. We need as many MINI enthusiasts as possible to join the tour. Money is raised for the “Bärenherz e. V.” foundation who supporting families of fatally ill children so sign up today for a leg near you at

And in cases you missed it, you can find a more detailed article about the German MINI² Deutschlandrundfahrt here.

(Picture courtesy of Cylux.)