Even though we do know how much out english speaking readers love reading Dutch, we managed to get a translation from our friend Demelza this time:

>The car we drove, was still for a small part covered with tape, but you don’t
need much fantasie to see through the tape and conclude that there probably
rarely was a model of which the new generation looks so much like the last

>So it’s just a tacky facelift? No it’s not. Because different from what we
believe at first sight, not one panel is the same as before.

>So the exterior doesn’t bring much new, but because of the new motor and an
improved suspension you might ask how it handles. And to that question we can
give the anwer.

>We’re in the middle of a heatwave, the shaking air above the asfalt of Circuit
Park Zandvoort looks inviting. We are standing next to a prototype. We see them
often enough, but to drive one is even for an experienced autojournalist a
special experience.

>It’s a Cooper S which we are allow to race. And that we do, with a devlish
pleasure. The current Mini is known for the kartingfeeling, the new gives you
that even more.

>In spite of the front wheel drive the understeer is still kept to a minimum,
and almost every attempt for oversteer isn’t succesfull.

>The Mini does exactly what the steeringwheel says; nothing more and nothing
less. And the steeringwheel is super direct.

>The enforcement is speed-dependent and with one push of the button you make it
even more solid.

>The completely new motor, a 1.6 turbo with 175bhp was developed with Peugeot and
makes his debut in the new Mini. Thanks to a ingenious system the normal turbo lag has
almost been eliminated.

>For an extended drive-impression of the next Mini read the Autoweek which
appears on the 2nd of August.

[ Gereden: de volgende Mini Autoweek.nl