For those of you looking to get one of the last 2006 convertibles, you might have to wait a little bit longer. According to internal sources, MINI mistakenly gave many of the current run convertibles 2007 VINs. By the time it was discovered (about 10 days ago) these “2007’s” were scattered throughout the pipeline. Some were in production, some produced, some on boats, some at the US ports. Our guess is that they started giving US cars ’07 VINs when they did the other markets.

They have now frozen these cars in the status which they stand. Their first thought was to recall all of the cars and distribute them to other markets. Reason being, they did not meet ’07 specs for US cars and MINI knew of no easy way to legally re-VIN a car. Even the cars at
the US ports would be sent back. The dealers would the need to re-order new MINIs for their customers.

Now, it seems, MINI has found a way to assign the cars ’06 VINs. They estimate the process to do so will delay the cars an additional 2 weeks.