The New York Times reports on the new MINI and all the challenges that come with it. Here’s an excerpt:

>Can the Mini Cooper keep its buzz going for a second generation? Everybody in the global car business is watching avidly to see if it can, for there are no guarantees.

>The history of the auto industry abounds with “cars of the moment” whose moment passed, notably Volkswagen’s New Beetle, to which the Mini is most frequently compared.

>…Now the task for the Mini’s corporate owner, BMW, is to prove that the Mini was not simply a car of the moment – albeit a moment that has gone on for five years now – and that it can still bring in new buyers as well as repeat customers.

A timely article that manages to only get a few facts wrong. You can read the rest below:

[ Can MINI Stay up to Speed? ] New York Times

Now let’s hear your thoughts. Can the MINI continue it’s success in both sales and brand strength?