It’s backward week for us. Not really sure how it happened, but somehow we spent tonight not talking about the news.

Yes, the fires were that close to db. Big ups to the FD and Forestry guys for keeping the fires at bay! Todd is a Today Show watcher.

Some good ranting about the Zune. I’m pretty sure we are all against it. No podcast support (when released), won’t work with WMP and if you have to buy ‘points’ to get music.

When we finally get around to MINI stuff…the tire swapping has begun. Winter is upon Gabe (and almost Todd) and the winter tires are coming out of storage. Todd is collecting wheels and Gabe has a single (!) Sumitomo tire in his garage. Yes, we believe it was the tire fairy or Gabe was going to build a tire swing. Todd tells us about jacking up the GP, and it’s pretty amazing. Oh yea, Gabe is getting one to review as well. Really, lots of great show here tonight gang, worth checking it out.

Check Monday night for the news show.

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