miniMore GP talk? I keep trying to change the subject. I think after this the lads will be done for awhile. And, in case you missed them here, you can listen to all 3 of Gabe’s audio reviews in 1 place. Just follow the show notes link below.

We spent some time talking about the new Sidewalk Edition convertible and some of the items that can be found in the Motoringfile Gift Guide. You don’t want to forget that special MINIac in your lives this year, and you don’t have much time left!

Apologies now for the crappy sound quality from 119 and 120. Besides having bad connections, Murphy stopped by to ensure that all of our recording settings were totally borked as well. All of the equipment is back in the WRR labs getting a once over and our techs tell us that everything should be ship shape next time we record!

Digg users: Keep on eye on the new Podcasting section over at I setup WRR to show up there and I’m just waiting for final aproval. Of course, when the times comes, we’ll be looking for those diggs!

Stay tuned for Wednesday when I’ll be posting Robert’s final soundseeing tour of the year. He brought his younger cousins along again and I’m told it’s hilarious!

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