This edition of Ask MotoringFile comes from Chris:

>I’m new to the MINI world and am in the middle of ordering my car. I was wanting something a little more aggressive than the standard look so my motoring advisor suggested the aero-kit. However he said there were two, one yo can order from the factory and the JCW aero-kit. The factory kit seems to be much cheaper but he said the JCW kit is much nicer. What’s the difference?

An easy answer (JCW kit on the left, factory kit on the right):

In our opinion the factory MINI aero-kit is not only not worth the money, but it’s also not as attractive or aggressive as the standard car. The JCW aero-kit on the other hand is the money.

Beyond the obvious difference in looks the JCW body kit also has a more aggressive front-end and side-skirts that (according to inside sources) creates a bit more down-force as compared to the standard kit and the factory kit.