miniNo Gabe tonight as he had a business trip, so it was just Todd and myself. Starting off talking about the iPhone price cuts and new iPods, then, into the show, and quite a bit of it for ya! Todd has owned 10 iPods (he thinks) since they have been released. Go ahead and tell us your iPod story below or call it in to the voicemail line at (206) 33-WHITE.

Rainman in full effect! Time to thank all of you for listening and checking us out. We are experiencing 1 download every minute of every hour of every day! FANTASTIC! Keep it up.

AMVIV update for those how didn’t find it on NAM. The reservation group code at Palace Station in Las Vegas is pcimviv. I was told that they have upgraded the tower rooms yet again, which I plan on checking out when I go for SEMA in October. I’ll have a full report then.

Does anyone need a front bumper for an R53? Todd has one, don’t ask why. Use the contact form at WRR, come up with a good reason and Todd will let it it go for the cost of shipping.

Plus, news of the week from

If you are intested in getting your picture on The Street Tuner Challenge car that Fireball Tim and his boys are building, click over to to get all of the information. Time is running out with less than 3 weeks left!

Be sure to come back tomorrow. We have interviews with the guys from Alta MINI Performance PLUS Fireball Tim with full updates. Check back tomorrow for full details.

Woofcast #183: [audio:]

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