Over the past 5-6 years, MINI has used the “less is more” angle unabashedly in their marketing around the world. They’ve publicly made fun of SUV’s gas mileage and in subtle ways even their owner’s personalities. In fact it’s worth remembering that the very first statement on MINIUSA.com was “The SUV backlash starts here.” And through it all the MINI community (especially in the US) has eaten it up. They’ve take to the feeling of “MINI-ness”. The cheeky attitude that doesn’t outright say “I’m better than you” but makes a strong argument for the fact that maybe I’m just a little smarter as a MINI owner.

So what does a MINI SUV mean to all of this? Will you take the same pride in MINI ownership once you see your first little MINI SUV poorly parked at your local Starbucks? Will you still wave or have the same smile on your face when you come across one in a parking lot?

In short, how do you think the MINI SUV will change the brand and how you interact with it? Is it time for the brand to grow and us as owners to welcome the new model and possibly a new demographic into the fold? Or does this move potentially damage the brand irreparably?


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