While these questions are meant primarily for our US readers, any feedback is appreciated. With the cost of premium petrol in Chicago at the $4.29 mark we thought it was time to discuss how rising prices will affect you and your MINI:

– Does this change the way you drive? Even though the MINI isn’t terrible on gas, the R53 MCS (for example) isn’t exactly stellar when it comes to MPG.

– Could the price of petrol potentially change what you drive? Anyone out there thinking of selling your selling your MINI altogether?

– Does this change what you value in the MINI?

– And finally, at what point do you start to reconsider the fastest MINI out there and opt for the most effecient? With the new Cooper getting over 40 mpg on the highway and the Cooper D (for our European readers) getting getting over 70 mpg, we’re curious if it will start to look a bit more tempting.

And for those in the US considering these questions, remember the US still has it relatively easy at these prices. For example our readers in the UK are currently paying around $10 a gallon.