miniA bit of random chat before we get started, talking about tires and brakes. We are looking for those among us that have experienced tire pressure loss in run flats after sitting for a week or more. Todd’s MINI had 4 flat tires after MTTS and it just sat. Since he boosted them, he hasn’t experienced any loss at all.

Watch for us to get guys from Continental on the show soon. We had some great discussions with them at MTTS.

But not this week. For this week, it’s news of the week from

Don’t forget to register for MTTS if you are going. At the very least, you check out the updates that were posted during the first 2.

If you are looking for the brake tool at Harbor Freight, you can find it here. I don’t know if it works, but for $4.00, it might be worth trying. They also have an air-powered unit that you can find here, if that’s how you roll.

Check back tomorrow when we talk about the cool fuel-saving features that we don’t get in the US.

Woofcast 255: [audio:]

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