R60We had a feeling the Crossman name wouldn’t stick and now it’s been verified at the Paris Auto Show by GoAuto.

>BMW’s global sales and marketing chief Ian Robertson revealed to GoAuto at the Paris motor show last week that the Mini Crossman will have a different badge when it makes production inside the next two years.

Besides the name, they also found out that an ‘Estate’ version will follow in 2011. Could it simply be a larger version of the upcoming R60? It makes sense from a business case point of view. But then again you have to question how big it can get and still be a MINI. As it stands now the R60 seems to walk the line rather well. But we’re not sure how much bigger it can get. Of course this is all quite unconfirmed at this point and frankly we doubt this part of the story.

[ Mini ‘Maxi’ by name? ] Goauto.com