We’ve held off reporting about the new system at the request of our sources for awhile but MINI hinted at the new system in its recent Camden press release so all bets are off. Here’s what we know. There were quite a few at MINI who weren’t overly happy with the current optional hifi audio system that replaced the venerable H/K that was found in the previous generation MINIs. Both were made by Harmon (parent company to Harman) but some cost was taken out an the sound suffered for it. Make no mistake it was a nice upgrade to the stock system, but it just wasn’t as impressive as had been hoped.

So MINI went back to Harmon and asked them to design a system in the same vein as the (now almost mythical) DPSM system available on the R50 generation. However with one big change, this new version would be available from the factory as an option rather than a very expensive dealer installed accessory.

Our sources told us a year and a half ago that the new system would be H/K branded and it would appear (again based on that mention in the 50th anniversary press release) that that will be the case. Additionally we’ve been told that the system will feature a 480 digital watt (down 80 from the previous DPSM system). Finally we’re being told the system should include up to 10 speakers all told.

As mentioned in the press release the MINI Camden will come standard with the new system for 2010. However look for the new H/K system to be available as a premium audio option (above the current Hifi option) for the 2010 model year.

We’ll have more information as we get it.


+ MINI DSPM Audio System Review / MotoringFile