The Automotive News sat down with MINI USA boss Jim McDowell recently to talk about all things MINI. Top of mind was the recently introduced Coupe concept that has been all the range here at MF for the past week. Mr. McDowell optimistic it will find an audience:

>”We think we have a good idea, and we want to get people’s reaction to it,” said Jim McDowell, Mini USA president. “If there is a great response, as I predict there will be, I think you will see it going into production.”

>”I think it will attract a younger, higher fraction of male purchasers. It is really a pretty radical Mini,” he said. Today, Mini buyers are evenly split between males and females

As we’ve already reported this morning, BMW has already officially told its employees that both the Coupe and the Speedster will indeed go into production at the Oxford Plant. We expect this to coincide with the 2011 model year.