Since myself and a few other MF contributors will be heading over to Ohio to compete in the latest round of the 24 Hours of LeMons, we’re handing over the keys to DB and Todd. We’re also clearing out our mailbox and in the process we’ll be posting a series of new Ask MotoringFile posts. The first comes from Kim:

>Hi guys,

>I’m brand new to Mini (June ’09) and to autocross. For someone just getting
started with learning the car as well as trying out autocross, what
sites/information can you recommend?

>I subscribed to your podcast just after I got the car, and am really enjoying
the information you provide–and the humor 🙂

>Thanks in advance 🙂

There are tons of sites out there and tons of ways to get involved in high performance driving. I for one prefer track events over autocross but the latter is a great way to get introduced to high performance driving. We would recommend taking a look at our MINI Club Mappr to help find our local club. If your local club doesn’t have any events we would then suggest looking at the BMWCCA. The BMWCCA is very welcoming of MINIs and has an enormous national collection of clubs and events for the novice.

You can read (and see) more about a typically BMWCCA track below:

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