MINI Rail System MINI Rail System

As we recently have seen in all the Countryman photos, the center rail seen in the Beachcomber concept is coming completely intact for the R60. While it may initially seem gimmicky, the more we saw it, used it and thought about it, the more it started to make a lot of sense.

Here’s the idea; with the rail you can add and subtract different components depending on your needs. Want an armrest? Easy, snap it in and position where needed. Need an iPhone holder? MINI will surely have that covered. What about different devices? Again the beauty of the system is that MINI can offer a array of options depending on what you need. They even see the aftermarket stepping in and offering all sorts of accessories for things we can’t even imagine.

But enough writing about it. Click play above to hear our interview with Gert Hildebrand and his team actually talk about the concept that will come to market with the R60.

Check back tomorrow for more on the center rail and for a way to win an ultra-exclusive copy of the new MINI Design book autographed by Gert Hildebrand.