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For the third year running, MINI USA is providing MotoringFile with a long-term test car. Last year, it was a JCW Roadster soft top filled with premium touches. We’ll have our final thoughts for you on that car here very soon. Before the Roadster, we spent a year with a Cooper S Countryman ALL4 doing the school run and everything in between. Now it’s time to put the F56 — the newest generation MINI Hardtop Hatch — through its long-term paces. The question is, however, how do we spec the car? That’s where you come in. We need your help. Sure, Nathaniel and I could just spec the car ourselves, but we want your input on options, colors, fabric — everything. What are your must-have details? We want your input so that the MF test car gives us the best cross-section of features that MINI enthusiasts want to see put through the long-term ringer.

Here’s how to help:

– Go to and use the configurator to build your MF test car spec
– Download an image of the car you’ve spec’d
– Post that photo in a comment below and then give us a brief explanation of why yours is the way we should go
– Then everyone use the up-vote/down-vote functionality built into Disqus to tell use your preferences

That’s the what. Now how about the when? Once we get your ideas, we’ll create the final spec and order the car through MINI USA. We’re told our build-date should be sometime this spring, making the latest MotoringFile MINI one of the first F56s to come to the USA.

Now get building. Start here: MINI USA Configurator

Also, you can look at our previous long-term loaner experiences in the MotoringFile Garage Section.