MINI USA is unveiling the JCW Clubman Launch Edition to celebrate the launch of the 301 hp JCW Clubman for 2020. The Launch Edition comes with all the same mechanical which makes the 2020 JCW Clubman the fastest MINI ever produced from the factory. Where is differs is in the color and trim combinations which harken back to GPs of the past.

JCW Clubman Launch Edition
JCW Clubman Launch Edition

In other words this JCW Clubman is intended to pay homage to the JCW GP and even hint at what we’ll see in the upcoming GP3.

JCW Clubman Launch Edition: The Spec

The car will be finished in Thunder Grey with a Melting Silver roof and Chili Red mirrors. The exterior trim will be all gloss black including all logos and even the “Clubman” name.

JCW Clubman JCW Countryman

Inside the Launch Edition will feature the new JCW Carbon Black and Dinamica/Leather seats that will also see duty in the GP3. Additionally MINI USA is equipped the car with MINI Yours Piano Black Illuminated trim and the carbon black color line.

The JCW Clubman Launch Edition will be limited to 100 units and will be available to order shortly. Pricing and launch date will be announced soon.