Rumors have been swirling for years that MINI will launch a small crossover. And for years we’ve reported that we’ll see that likely based on the electric platform underpinning the all new electric MINI built in China. Today Car Magazine is throwing its weight behind the rumors with a new report that details what the small crossover might be and even what it might be called.

According to the report, MINI will resurrect the Paceman name for this all new small electric crossover. The small crossover is likely to be revealed in 2024, a year after the new electric MINI debuts. The crossover will be an all wheel drive four door that will feature a sleek hatch much like the original Paceman.

Car is reporting that MINI will likely make use of ‘Generation 5’ e-motor tech that first launched in the iX3. They’re sources are suggesting a battery capacity of around 60kWh; even with all-wheel drive, that points to an electric range of some 250 miles.

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