No this isn’t the return of the official MINI Moke, it’s actually more interesting than that. Moke America (which owns the rights to the name and design) has completely re-engineered the classic Mini Moke making is wider and much stronger. And perhaps most interesting is that this Moke is completely electric. But don’t confuse this for a typical car as this Moke is not only electric but classified as a LSV or Low Speed Vehicle. With a 25 mph top speed it’s designed for beaches and small communities.

The 60 Years of Bond special edition Electric Moke continues the partnership the company has had with EON productions & 007. As the company proclaims, this is a love letter to the James Bond films. This special edition pays homage to 007’s iconic history, and boasts features like a midnight blue exterior, “Mango Tree” dashboard, sequence dots tire cover, wooden steering wheel, wooden gear shift knob, tan seats and more. This is the second of several 007 editions celebrating the James Bond film franchise. The first “San Monique” version, which debuted in January 2021, was inspired by the Caribbean and Live And Let Die (1973). 

We are very excited to unveil our second 007 Moke. Like James Bond, Moke has its origins in the 1960’s and this new edition highlights that iconic history both brands enjoy in modern culture. For the past six decades, James Bond has represented the epitome of enduring class and style, and this 60 Years of Bond edition brings that big screen glamour to the road

Todd Rome, founder and CEO of Moke America

The Moke has appeared in 4 James Bond movies: You Only Live Twice (1967), Live And Let Die (1973), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and Moonraker (1979).

Moke America’s 60 Years of Bond edition features: 

  • Distinctive James Bond design, complete with 007’s 60th anniversary and vintage logos and “Mango Tree” inspired dashboard
  • Electric technology
  • Wooden steering wheel
  • Elegant wooden gear shift
  • Tire cover featuring unique “sequence dots” artwork
  • Midnight Blue body
  • Tan seats
  • Tan Bimini Top
  • Backup camera
  • Bluetooth radio
  • Blackout rims

The cars are available to purchase in North America, the Caribbean, Mexico, the Bahamas and the Middle East and are priced at $28,975 USD (excludes delivery). Each Moke is custom-built and takes 160 days to produce.

The new 007 Moke is available to order online and available for purchase at: