2006 Changes for the UK Market

MINI UK has released information on pricing and equipment changes for the UK Market. These changes will commence with the 2006 model year, officially now set for September 2005. The official MINI UK release was posted on MINI2 and portions have been reproduced below:

The following colour changes will also take place from 1st September production.

668 – Black II – All Models
859 – Solid Gold – All Models
870 – Electric Blue – All Models
902 – Liquid Yellow – MINI Cooper S Hatch & Convertible Only

Additional Availability:
A25 – Astro Black – Available on MINI Cooper S Hatch & Convertible
A28 – Hyper Blue – Available on all MINI Hatch & Convertible models
850 – Pepper White – Available on all MINI Convertibles

New Option:
We are also pleased to announce the introduction of Recaro Sports Seats for the driver and front passenger as an available option on all models. These seats will only be available in Leather GRAVITY Panther Black/Grey, and will have matching rear seats. This option will also include Lumbar Support, Passenger and Driver Seat Height Adjustment, Front Seat Heating, Adjustable Thigh Support and Recaro branding.

4FA – Recaro Sports Seats – 1,530 (UK Pounds) for all models except MINI Cooper S
1,350 (UK Pounds) for MINI Cooper S Hatch & Convertible

(IMPORTANT: When ordering 4FA Recaro Sports Seats you must order upholstery code T5PN or T6PN. The car will not be built with these upholsteries and the leather cost will not be charged).

You can read a few other UK market specifics here.

It’s unclear if all of these changes will be seen in the US market as well.

Photos of the new Recaro seats coming soon…

  • Frank

    R.I.P. Electric Blue, Jet Black, Liquid Yellow and Solid Gold.

    Nice to see Pepper White making its way into the convertible.

    No mention of Solar red or the new blue?

  • Nice to see the recaros on the list. I was hoping for more than one choice in upholstery.

    Just for comparison’s sake. How much is the regular leather option on the Cooper S in the U.K.?

  • Found what I was looking for:

    Gravity Leather 749 (UK Pounds) with VAT 880 (UK Pounds) Heated Front Seats 162 (UK Pounds) with VAT 190 (UK Pounds) Heated Leather Seating Total – 901 (UK Pounds) with VAT 1070 (UK Pounds)

    It’s not clear to me if the 1,350 (UK Pounds) for the Recaros includes VAT or not though.

    Based on the above, it would appear the Recaros are on the order of a 25% (if VAT is included) to 50% (if VAT isn’t included) premium over the standard pricing for heated leather seats.

  • JFW

    Any idea when the 2006 Changes for the US Market will be announced?

  • revwillie

    oh boy, I hope this means the US recaros will have a leather option. The Mini One D details from that link are tasty, too. I wish the D would come to the states.

  • Matt S.

    I noticed there is a somewhat hefty price increase on the ’06 U.K. models. I suppose we’ll probably get those too… A 2005 is starting to make more and more sense!

  • Seth L

    I’m still weeping over the loss of Silk green! Now they take Electric blue?

    Am I the only one dissapointed by the lack of bright colors in the range?

  • scott

    …and velvet red, poor velvet red… so misunderstood…

  • Is Liquid Yellow being deleted FROM the Cooper S hardtop and conv or available ONLY on the Cooper S hardtop and conv? It’s not terribly clear which is intended in the list above.

  • It’s being deleted from both in the UK market. It’s unclear if the the US market will also implement this change.

  • Chainsaw Flowerchild

    I love my Electric Blue MCS. It’s sad that all the bright colors are going away.

  • I’m with Seth. All dark colors how depressing. I’m glad we have a LY/B MCS. I’m now going to give Smileee a hug.

    Cheers, Jack

  • Seth L

    Anyone want to start a “Save Bright Colors” Petition?

  • peeeuke

    Wow – nothing but suckage!

  • Seth: I’m with you. I’d like to go from my DS/W MINI to something brighter.

    If MINI is listening: make Hot Orange available on the hatch!

  • ben

    Glad I got my Liquid Yellow S in 05. I hate to see it go, Yellow and Black is just an awesome combo.

  • Tom Mors

    Totally off the subject but, has anyone had a sort of thunking sound comming from the fuel tank of an 05 MCS? It only does it once and happens after the car sits when first started in the morning. I sounds like you are knocking a buckle/dent out of a plastic trash can. Comes from the left side rear of the car around the filler neck. Took it back to the dealer but, they couldent duplecate the problem. Sorry where I posted this (first time post). I’ve been following the MF site since I got my car back in 8/04. It was one of the first 05’s on the east coast. Been a great car so far. I am a former MG guy back in my younger years and this is the best compromise of getting another “british car”. I’ll never go back! Great site Gabe! Greetings from Delaware all and happy motoring.

  • Chris M


    I hear a similar but muted sound after I get moving in my ’05 MCS. I think it’s a lock on the filler door, but I don’t really know. It’s fairly quiet. It seems to occur when the car reaches 14 mph, but I don’t know if that’s always the case.

    If you find out the official word on this, it could be an interesting tidbit.

  • Mad brummie

    Quote from Frank in the first comment

    “No mention of Solar red or the new blue?”

    I understand that those colours will be special edition only and will not appear on the other cars in the range.

    Thats the idea over here in th UK whether it will be the same in the US i don’t know.

  • TJKonarski

    Pepper white on the convertible — Great decision. Now I wonder if the powers-that-be at MINI will offer a taupe convertible top to compliment the pepper white. Hey, you MINI exec’s out there… You reading this?! 🙂

  • Ian

    Tom, Chris, I bet the sound you are hearing is the ABS wheel test … each time the car starts up, when it reaches 10-15mph, the ABS system tests one wheel. On GBMINI#2 I would sometimes hear the two rear wheels being tested (on different start-ups) – probably you are just hearing the “closest” wheel to you (the fronts are insulated by all the engine bay stuff).

  • Seth L

    David: “make Hot Orange available on the hatch!”


  • Seth L

    I put in my order for a red MCSa last week. ETA is 10-12 months, so it will be an ’06 by the time it arrives.

    I may have to revise my order once the US changes come through.

    Or I’ll have them put me on the list for an ’07

  • Frank

    So after 2006 the only 2 bright colors left will be Hot Orange and Chili Red?

    I can’t believe it!

  • Seth L

    Hyper blue is kinda bright, but I don’t like it as much as Electric blue.

    I’m reluctant to count Pepper white, as it’s such a dull-white. I don’t mind it, but It’s not really a bright color.

  • Tom Mors

    Chris and Ian- Thanks for the input. Those were things I never concidered. I’ll listen more closely next time I drive it. Maybe its the fuel door lock latching? I try lock all the doors before taking off and see if it still does it. It’s comming from that area but doesent seem like it would have that type of sound. Anyone else experience this?

  • EBMCS03

    Woo Hooo EB will be more rare now.

  • csdmmnt

    So very sad =(

    2003 Liquid Yellow w/Black

    Wanted to upgrade to 2006 with a few additional options (anthracite headliner one of them) plus final run for supercharged. All this has finally come together … and they drop the liquid yellow! AAaaaargh!

    Okay, second choice, Electric Blue … AAAaaaargh!

    Third choice already died last year, Indy blue.

    Guess I’ll take a closer look at Hyper Blue /sigh

    I want Liquid Yellow!!! Reconsider please! =(

  • Seth L

    Anyone know if this is Chili Red, or a show only color, or a possible new color: