White Roof Radio Podcast #36

The first podcast of the week is all about news. We talk the JCW GP, snow in a MINI, the Dodge Hornet, and why DB needs some help with hi air-con. You can grab the entire show below. And don’t forget our second podcast of the week will be available on this Wednesday (which also just happens to be my 30th birthday – a good reason for pre-recording the show).

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  • O(=^=)O Capn

    Happy 30th! I was depressed that week when I turned 30. May yours be cheerful with plenty of motoring!

  • rhawth99

    Guys: I use a PC, I don’t want to pollute it with itunes or any other Apple stuff. Keep supporting the mp3 format please.

  • mike

    rhawth99, how diplomatic of you.