Checkmate Gets Checkmated

The Checkmate Package’s run is nearing an end.  The package will no longer be available starting with September production.  To reflect this, the package was recently removed from the MINIUSA configurator and dealers have been notified. 

While the current generation MINIs will continue to be built for several more months, MINI is streamlining production a bit for the current generation MINI in the transition period until the R56 is rolled out to the U.S. market.

It is worth noting that some other new for 2006 options (English Leather Seats, Piano Black “seven” dash, and Park Lane dash) will continue to be available for the balance of the current generation MINI production.

  • Frank

    Based on my short experience as a MA for a local MINI dealership, it seems to me the Checkmate package was kinda a flop in the market. A few were sold and ordered but people were not crazy over it.

  • usaaus

    I’m suddenly wondering if they sold the Checkmate package in Australia.

    “Checkmate” is one of the leading condom brands down there!

  • Seth L

    I still have yet to see one, in the showroom or on the streets.

  • I’m suddenly wondering if they sold the Checkmate package in Australia.

    Yes, they sure do sell the Checkmate and Park Lane in Australia. I’ve seen them both at my dealer in Adelaide and they’re on the homepage of MINI Australia. Ah, the perils of global marketing.

  • Larry W

    I bought the checkmate package and absolutely lovin it.

  • love it. the interior is awesome. space blue rocks.

    more resell value for me now not that i’m ever selling my baby but at least its an option 🙂

  • j

    sad to see it go… i for one felt it was very unique. are there any packages planned for the next generation?

  • Andrew
    “Based on my short experience as a MA for a local MINI dealership, it seems to me the Checkmate package was kinda a flop in the market.

    Someone who recently did a Mini factory tour was told by the guide that the factory has been overwhelmed by demand for the Checkmates and they can’t build them fast enough. Perhaps they have been a hit everywhere except your dealership???

    “Checkmate” is one of the leading condom brands down there

    That’s what my Mum pointed out to me when she first saw mine (insert embarrassed blush here) but fortunately they are actually spelt differently 😉 the condom variety is spelt “chekmate” 😉

  • Christian

    I saw one here in SF, CA. Very nice I may say. Not going to work for me as I love red.

  • Space Blue (only available on the Checkmate over here in the Netherlands) was like a godsend to me. I didn’t really care for many of the other colours, only PW (came at a premium from the lease company “because white is hard to sell”) really. Good seconds were Hyper Blue and Chili Red. I would have liked Solar Red too (actually, if I could have had a Solar Red Checkmate, including a Solar Red dash, I would have jumped at it even quicker than in Space Blue), but that’s only available on the Seven over here (Checkmate, Seven and Park Lane are more marketed like Special Editions over here then they are “packages”).

    Anyway, kinda nice to hear it will remain something special. Any word on what is to happen to Space Blue? Is it here to stay in the Mini colour range?

  • Down here in Johannesburg Checkmates are plentiful. Seven not so common, but you will see them once in a while.

  • Seth L

    I too loved red too much to pick the checkmate package.

    If the wheels were available separatley, and white, I might go for them.

    They’re my kind of goofy.

  • Mark (Ohio)

    I just ordered an ’06 Checkmate Cooper S yesterday via my area dealer (Classic Mini of Mentor Ohio) so if you really want one I think there may be room to still get one!

  • west

    I just bought one of the two Checkmates left in SF – Love it. Can’t wait to break in the motor to see what she’ll do. We have some great roads here and she smiles every time she sees a curve. As for the space blue, it is a great color, but every speck of dust is visible.

  • Babycakes

    My hubby bought me my Astro Black Checkmate with silver top for my b-day, and I’m luvin’ it. I get lots of compliments. When I found out it was discontinued, I wasn’t sure why I had a smirk on my face as if feeling lucky to have stumbled upon a collector’s item and didn’t even know it.

    I live in Antioch, CA. I’ve been driving my checkmate for about 3 months now, and have yet to see an identical twin or even a fraternal twin. Are you there? Where are you?