MINI Ranks as Most Satisfying

Perhaps of little surprise to it’s owners, Forbes has ranked the MINI as most satisfying in within its category. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Customers treat their Minis like their pets,” says Rich Steinberg, Mini USA’s manager of product strategy, noting that more than 10,000 owners have put their names in the company’s database.

Mini’s Cooper two-door is highly customizable. It has a design that inspires affection, a premium feel and engaging driving dynamics, particularly because of its handling. Steinberg says Mini technicians behave like veterinarians treating pets–or like hotel managers. Instead of a mint on your pillow, Mini dealers conclude service visits by placing a box of mints bearing the Mini logo on the seat of your car.

[ Most Satisfying Cars 2006 ] Forbes
  • MINI Fireman

    Somebody must be eating my mints. I’ve never seen a one.

  • SB

    In the words of the late Red Buttons “I never got my mints … nobody gave me any mints”.

  • There are mints? I love mints? Who has them?

  • Nick

    Phew! Now I can explain to my wife where that brown stain on the rear of my pants came from. She thought I had put my Depends on wrong. (:

  • My Motoring Advisor gave me a box when I purchased the car in April.

    My MA was most gracious… He gave me several items (the were past MINI promos) that he had a stash of. Said he saves them for the ‘real’ enthusiasts.

    Nick – They are a hard white style mint. No Chocolate.. So you’re going to need another explanantion for that brown stain 😆

  • Here is an image of my Mints –> INIW Gallery

    I also found a site with a variation of them and more information about the MINT promo. Here

  • rhawth99

    More confirmation that we MINI owners are totally crazy… 🙂

  • Aqualung

    “I won’t pretend that our quality is top-notch,” said Steinberg, “but our owners put up with quirks, because that’s part of the ownership experience.”

    Ouch! that’s not exactly a great sound bite! But it is interesting as JD Powers released their Vehicle Dependability ranking today (original owners of ’03 cars) and MINI was 29th out of 37 cars….with 280 problems per 100 vehicles. Lexus was 1st with 136, and Land Rover was dead last with a whopping 438; VW 32nd with 299.

    Re: mints, I got a box when I first picked it up, along with water, but have never seen ’em again. But, I’m happy to forego the mints for the stellar service I get at MINI of Peabody…wonder how they work in a bottle of Diet Coke?

  • alpinamike

    I have not seen a box of Mints since purchase. Maybe he just mixed up his words. The “Quality” comment, could have been put in better terms.

  • Vanwall

    Some MINI dealers have MINI Smints in their vending machines on the showroom floor. I’ve been buying the regular Smints and swapping the innards out, which reminds me – ate the last one yesterday, time for new clip.

  • racemor

    Kramer: Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It’s chocolate, it’s peppermint – it’s delicious!

    Jerry: That’s true.

    Kramer: It’s very refreshing!

  • KevinH

    I saw mints the day I picked up my “second” MINI from the dealer – never before and never since. Just ordered my third MINI so guess somewhere I drank the KoolAid. I have to admit that this had been the most fun ‘brand’ I’ve ever owned and absolutely love our first two MINIs (late ’05 MCS and early ’05 MCC). Few if any problems with either one of them, and enjoy them enough to buy a 3rd (a 2nd MCS coupe)!!!!

  • PheebsH

    Just wanted to say that I LOVE MINIs!!! Though i haven’t even had one yet, i still love them and want to buy one soon. But that’s my problem, I don’t know what to get. I’m looking for one under $20,000 (hopefully an S) and I want to know if getting an S is really any better than a base cooper. I know this isn’t really on the topic but I really need help and I didn’t know who to ask. I’ve been reading this site for a while and am just now getting around to writing anything. So send help or info, i’ll take anything!