Confirming what we’ve reported for well over a year, a MINI UK representative told the Oxford Mail that the new MINI SAV (BMW speak for SUV) will not be built at the Oxford plant in England. Here’s an excerpt:

>The move marks a major shift in policy by the German company, although factory spokesman Rebecca Baxter denied there were any moves to shift the main areas of Mini production elsewhere.

>Ms Baxter said: “The SAV is not going to be built in Plant Oxford but it will remain the lead plant for Mini production.

>”With the SAV we are looking at co-operating with an external partner but we don’t know who that is going to be – it is an ongoing investigation for us.”

>While Ms Baxter also declined to be drawn on where the new model might be built, she claimed it spelled “good news” for the Cowley works which employs 4,700 workers.

>She added: “It means we will have the flexibility for further growth with the three main models being produced here. This is not about a lack of commitment to Oxford.”

We believe (as we’ve reported for awhile now) that the new model will be built in cooperation by Magna Steyr most likely in Austria. You can read the entire article below:

[ Cowley Won’t Get MINI SAV ] Oxford Mail