miniIt’s race season time! Anyone up for helping out Waylen and Brian?

so, db needs a wiring harness. We have our first Fletch reference of ’07. Nicely done Mr. Bridger. Todd is practicing his Canadian for MINI United.

If you are one of the new listeners to WRR, don’t forget the archives for easy access to the older show. And, if you are curous about how the Woofcast all came together, you can read the story on the about page, new and improved with pictures even!

We’ve talked about this before, but we are fans of Kumho ASXs. Really, they are great tires.

Gabe get the R56 this week to drive to the Dragon. I would think that means we should expect a long term test from Gabe sometime after he gets back. No pressure or anything though Gabe.

Of course, since the Dragon is this week, we spend some time talking about that again. Quick reminder to all y’all that are going. Take it easy, have fun, don’t do anything crazy or stupid! Oh yea, if you take pictures, get those posted to Flickr and add them to the Motoringfile Flickr Group.

And, tips for traveling to MINI United. If you are going from the US, check out what MINIUSA is offering and be sure to sign up at the Owners Lounge as well as at the MINI United site.

Finally, we will be working with the NAMCC to bring you all the coverage and get you out to the track! There are a lot more races this year than last and you can see the whole schedule at If you want to help Way and Brian, leave a comment below! More details are coming soon. Or, if you have an extra steering rack laying rack, Brian wants to talk to you!

Woofcast #152: [audio:]

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