Photo Wrap-up From the Frankfurt Motorshow

Along with the previous photos that MF correspondent Michael Talley sent in, we’ve got a few more from the Frankfurt IAA Motorshow and the world debut of the Clubman and JCW race car. These were sent in by MF reader Ralph.

I was amazed at how big (huge) the Frankfurt IAA Autoshow is. About 50 or 60 San Fran Autoshows could fit into the Frankfurt one. Lots of cars, lots of free lecture, lots of food (Tents with various kinds of food) lots of beer, and all the car models (Women) looked great. Oh yeah and LOTS of cars. Cars you never see in the US, even from US Manufactures. Toyota, VW, Honda and even Hyundai (a hot looking Coupe) have cars that they don’t sell here. Makes me wonder why as they are very nice.

Had a great time. I was even lucky enough to go to the Nürburgring earlier in the week. No I didn’t get to drive or ride on it because there was race being held that day (a 6 hour race) featuring Sabine Schmitz.

Thanks Ralph for sending these in!

You can also check out our first batch of photos courtesy of correspondent Michael Talley below:

  • O(=^=)OCapn
    and all the car models (Women) looked great.

    Pictures? Why on earth did you go to a car show and just take pictures of cars? Hello!!!

  • M. Dillon

    Mr. Talley,I state to you,Sir,the following: “Job well done,Sir…job well done,indeed.”

  • nervous

    Love the Clubman photos. Hope I can still get the license plate, “CHOCOL8”!

  • Ellis

    Thanks for the photos….love it!!!

  • YES! hot chocolate is sufficiently 70s brown! dig it.