We mentioned this back in November, but it would appear that BMW is looking to start another brand to help it’s CAFE standards.

Winding Road has a great article to this point.

>BMW’s current range of brands doesn’t lend itself particularly well to small, high mpg vehicles. Rolls-Royce is clearly out, and the core BMW products, despite the aforementioned diesels, are larger rear-drive sedans that may not mesh well with the sort of cars (front-drivers and crossovers) that will likely be built to bring corporate average economy down. As BMW board member Stefan Krause put it, “We cannot take the blue out of BMW and change it to green.”

While MINI might be a good place for a ‘green’ car, they are afraid adding too many models will take away some of the charm.

[ BMW Mulling a ‘Green’ Brand? ] Windingroad.com