Ask MF: Mud Flaps for the R53?

This latest Ask MF comes from Larry Watson who writes:

This question/comment has probably been asked many times in the past. I recently purchased a 2004 Mini S and have attempted to find rear mud flaps only to discover they are not available. However they are made for the R50. Why doesn’t Mini or some enterprising person design and manufacture for the R53?

We have to admit to having zero knowledge on this one. So we’ll have to turn this over to our MF readers. Any ideas?

  • Roccorocket

    Wouldn’t they be the same fit? I have front flaps on my R53 and they do reduce dirt on the sides.

  • Roccorocket

    The R50 and R53 rear bumpers are shapped differently so modifications would have to be done in order for anyone to install rear mudflaps on an R53. Also later model R50’s run into the same problem.

  • beken

    The Cooper (R50) and Cooper S (R53) have different bumpers. The rear mudflaps wrap around and under the bumper. I have not seen a rear mudflap for the R53. The dealer where I bought my car from does not offer a rear mudflap for R53, though they do have them for R50.

    Having said that, I don’t think they look very nice and the short rear overhangs render rear mudflaps pretty well ineffective. I just had to get used to washing the back of my car often.

  • nervous has rear mud flaps, but says the following: “Okay, so there’s nothing very cool sounding about mud flaps, but once you’ve lived with a MINI for a while you’ll notice that the backend may as well be a dust collection system. MINI has a solution but they were a bit spotty with applications. They made them for the pre 2005 Cooper Hatchback but not for any other Cooper S until the 07 Hatchback. They NEVER made a set for the Gen 1 Convertibles!!! Then never made any for the Gen 1 Cooper S, but when they released the Gen 2 Hatchback they made a set for it as well. So, here they are. Image shown is of the pre 2005 Cooper Gen 1, but we also have them for the Gen 2 Hatchbacks, Clubmans and Convertibles. Priced as a set of 2.


    Fits these MINI models:

    02-04 Cooper Hatchback (NOT Cooper S!!) + NOT Convertible 07+ Hatchback 08+ Clubman 09+ Convertible”

    I’ve also read posts that those owners with rear mud flaps have experienced no less washing of the rear hatch – apparently having to do with aerodynamics, not rear tire spray.

  • I’ve also read posts that those owners with rear mud flaps have experienced no less washing of the rear hatch – apparently having to do with aerodynamics, not rear tire spray.

    Ditto!! Even though I drive a 2006 Cooper S, of which mudflaps are unavailable for, I seriously considered modifications to the rear bumper to install the R50 mud flaps. Thanks to input from some NAM MINI owners, I learned that it’s not worth the effort, the dirt will still end up back there!!

    There have been some modifications to the rear spoiler though that can cut down on the dirt that ends up on the boot. A fellow member of the Southern Ontario MINI Club designed something like that and was testing it, not sure what has come of it now though, but he was onto something with that idea 🙂

  • rkw

    It is possible to fit the non-S rear mudflaps on an S. You have to swap out some of the rear wheel arch trim with R50 parts (they need to be pre-facelift version for ’04 or earlier). See this on NAM (LINK). The thread was specifically about an MCSC but R53 has completely the same fitment.

    I have front flaps and considered doing the rears. I decided not to because the flaps are glued on top of (rather than replace) the arch trim, and this is visible. Also I have seen many comments that the rear flaps have little effect,

  • Bilbo Baggins

    The only thing that I heard that helped with the MINI “dirty bum” was the installation of the M7 wing, set to the highest down force. Not sure why it works. It certainly defies logic.

    An owner here in CT has the M7 wing on his MC and says that at first with the wing set for zero angle of attack he was always getting a dirty bum. Then he tried increasing the angle to max angle of attack and his bum stayed much cleaner. Go figure.

    I have the front mud flaps and they certainly do make a difference. Never tried to do anything for the rear. Not going to get an M7 wing.

  • MINIme

    A better question is: Who needs mudflaps on a MINI?? This would look absolutely ridiculous.

    However, a few of the R60 naysayers may need some heavy duty windshield wipers to clear the mud from their windscreens after I blow by them in a blaze of mud and glory in my big bad MINI SUV!

  • Aussom

    I purchased a set for my 2002 MCS and they seem to fit OK. MINI part # 82 16 0 393 033 refers.

  • GregW

    R50 MINI flaps were on the parts fiche. They were not your typical rubber flaps that hung low. These are more moulded to suit the body and lines. I asked not long ago about R56 and they were not listed. They certainly help a little for loose stone chipping cases.

  • MINI never made a rear mud flap for the R53 and they only made a rear mud flap for the R50 up the end of 2004 when the revised rear bumper came out which was also applied to all of the convertibles.

    The FRONT mud flaps are all the same for all years of the R50, R52 and R53.

  • Aussom

    MINIme – As an example… I frequently drive down dusty roads and found that the rear mudflaps make a big difference to the volume of dirt road dust thrown up over the rear hatch & window from the rear wheels.

    The only real concern that I have is with their low profile to be careful not to damage the rear mud flaps on kerbs when reverse parking.

  • Fazzster

    Fret not….go to and pick up a pair of WRX flaps…..I bolted them to my 2005 MCS with very little modifications. Here is my post in NAM

  • Davywow

    I’ve seen them on R56’s but I’ve got an 02 R53 myself and am in search of the same answer!