MotoringBadge’s Hit the 10,000 Mark

A few years ago we had this little idea at MF. Why not take MINI’s OEM badge holder and make round magnetic badges that fit it. They could be cheap and easily swapped out plus they play well to the classic Mini heritage of showing off different affiliation.

We then worked on the design and production of the badges until we created something that was fade-proof, Nurburgring proof and just about everything else proof. And then we worked on finding an audience. With the help of MotoringFile and Whiteroofradio we’ve now sold over 10,000 badges to date in every one of the 50 states in the US (plus Puerto Rico) and throughout the world. Specifically we’ve sold badges in the following countries 36: – Italy – Germany – Spain – France – Belgium – Netherlands – Ireland – England – Greece – Egypt – South Africa – Malta – Thailand – Japan – Canada – Slovenia – Finland – Switzerland – Australia – New Zealand – Mexico – Malaysia – Singapore – Austria – Russia – Korea – Macau – China – Norway – Lebanon – Turkey – Brazil – Dominican Republic – UAE – Dubai – United States

mini For those who are new to badges and the MINI, MotoringBadge’s are the original magnetic badge for the MINI. The badges are magnetic and designed to be used with MINI’s official grille badge holder or several 3rd party holders. They are made from high-quality materials featuring a glossy finish with patented UV protection that will not fade in the sun. And our badges have been tested everywhere from the high speeds of the Nurburgring, to weather extremes of Death Valley and the tundra of northern Canada. And remember, these are the original MINI magnetic badges with almost four years of research, design and production behind them.

You can get a single badge for $7.50 and a set of six for only $37 (bottom of each page). And for those who have no more room on their grilles we also offer high-quality decals of each badge priced at $4.50.

A Selection of The Classics

And of course we still stock all the classics. Here’s a small sampling of the 100+ badges we have available…

And don’t forget our very popular R50 and R53 original Motorer badges. With the R50 and R53 MINI coupes now both out of production, they’ve taken on a greater meaning for many of us.

Badge Holders

Don’t forgot almost all our sponsors now offer a magnetic badge holder.

Outmotoring Grille Badge Holder / 17.95 (ships internationally / fits the R56!)

You can also get the OEM MINI grille badge holder (part #: 51 13 0 406 752 for 2002-2006 MINIs) OR (part # 51 13 0 443 374 for 2007-2009 MNIs) from the following MotoringFile sponsors:

MINI of Manhattan $25

Morristown MINI $20

Otto’s MINI $25

Prestige MINI $25

  • veggivet

    Congratulations on the milestone! I proudly display the badges that aren’t on my cars on the fridge, which reminds me to change ’em up often.

  • Yes, indeed Nürburgring tested and approved. I can attest!

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  • Todd

    Thanks Philip for the ‘Ring photo. That’s fantastic.

    BTW – The country count is actually 35. I forgot to add Dubai of the UAE as one of the corners of the world where Motoring Badges have reached.

    Stay tuned for new designs this spring and exclusive items that will be only available in Vegas at AMVIV this March.

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations. I am happy to know that, while not as much as others (coughdickdavid*cough) I have contributed substantially to reaching this milestone! 🙂

  • beken


    I plan on getting a bunch at AMVIV. See you there. If you save me two 50th Anniversary badges, I’ll even let you have a box of smarties 😉 .

  • Love the motoring badges! You know it would really be cool if that fridge was a kegorator. Wouldn’t that be cool, get some really neat tap handles for the door:)Then whenever your thirty for a beer just get one from the motoring badge kegorator!

  • The Motoring Badges are Fabulous; Hope you guys make a mint with ’em. Love the idea for the kegorator too. I watched Top Gear the other day and I swore I saw The Stig with a Motoring File Badge on the back of his helmet….

  • Joe from phillyMINI


    Congrat’s on the milestone. Don’t forget the club badges you make as well. I can attest to the quality. I have two badge holders on my 04 MCS. Don’t tell MINI. One with our club badge full time and the other which I rotate depending on my mood.


    Joe MINIster of Flair phillyMINI

  • Congrats!!!

    When are you guys gonna make a badge for MINI United 2009?? 🙂

  • Dubaian

    Congrats! thats a big number.. regarding the countries they are 35.. Dubai is a city in the UAE not a country itself 🙂

  • Bob

    You should make a Christmas badge for the holidays. I would definitely buy that one.

  • Congratulations!

    I plan on getting them as soon as I buy my Mini later this year!

  • You can make that number 10,006 now 😉

  • GregW

    These could become collectors items. Pity they are a bit large for attaching to baseball caps. Maybe you could start making them in the cap / lapel size for mini nuts.

  • CoolJamJar


    I still want to know why you haven’t produced a “SLOW TRAFFIC MOVE RIGHT” Badge for all your loyal buyers in the UK, Japan, Australia etc.??

  • CoolJamJar

    ….whoops, I scrolled up to check the wording in the photo and typed out what was already on the badge…. I meant to type “SLOW TRAFFIC MOVE LEFT”!

  • Nice one Gabe. These badges are very cool!

  • lavardera

    I’ve never done grill badges, but you might tempt me in for a “No exhaust tip recall” badge…

  • I love those badges, I usually put the green Union Jack, but I also have the Swiss flag 😉