Autoexpress Tests 12 Minis to Find the Best

Dare we say it Autoexpress has created a pretty interesting article. They’ve taken 12 of the best MINIs ever and tested them all. Worth a read for sure but there’s no definitive conclusion unfortunately.

+ Greatest Mini Ever / Autoexpress

  • I vote the GP (because I have one LOL)

  • greg

    No cabrio???

  • JonPD

    I will vote the GP along with you Jarid (for simular reasons 😉 )

  • This would be actually interesting if there was a conclusion but seeing that each of these cars are great in one way or another I can see why they didn’t pick one.

    The other problem would be the eventual flame wars that would ensue.

  • Dr Obnxs

    A nice sampling of many Minis… But as others have pointed out, pretty much conclusion free.


  • Awesome photo, that’s all I’m sayin…

  • OK, then I’ll vote for the GP also! Or, maybe the regular 69 Mini Cooper 1275S.

  • What a tough choice!!

    Peter & Jarid… you guys are too much!

  • gasmini

    What no pickup? Well I guess I can’t vote anyway.:-)

  • Buenaventura

    The best car in the world… I’m from Andalusia. And I can’T speak english very well, but I’ve this web in my favorites. Thanks.

    Visit Andalucía, Granada or my little town Guadix. Besos / Kisses

  • greg

    I vote the GP even though I never had one and I still find them unatractive. Regardless, the extra 8 HP combined with the weight reduction(180 lbs wasn’t it?)along with the suspension and aerodynamics must make for a compelling drive. A pleasure I’ve never had.

    I’d still get different mirror caps.

  • Only 88lb reduction for the GP – but still a very special MINI 🙂

  • Jon

    Where’s the Moke?

    (Just kidding)

    I vote for the Monte Carlo rally-winning Minis, followed closely by the GP.

  • Rocketboy

    All-right, who let original the Clubman in?

  • Hobbe

    Did someone say GP? 🙂

  • that.guy

    The GP should be disqualified for not having a rear seat. Seriously.

  • that.guy

    Actually, the GP should be disqualified for replacing the rear seat for a decorative, non-structural, “cargo restraint bar.” Very weak sauce.

  • hardingsan

    i didn’t realize there were so many tuned versions of the classic mini. forget the gp, i wanna be friends with the Mini Miglia and the ERA Mini Turbo!

  • JasonG

    Why wouldn’t it be the GP?

    It’s the most no nonsense, most engineering-focused production MINI ever. If there was ever a showcase for what a production MINI can do, it’s the GP.

    Plus, because it’s a production MINI, it’s engineered to last for 10 years reliably. Imagine the work that goes into that! The Works and Miglia are not production models and great as they may be, they’re not engineered to last anymore than just one race.

  • C4

    The GP all the way.