And you thought we forgot about our long-lost feature, DIY Friday. Today we’ve got a pretty useful modification (from MF reader Andy) for all those in the US with DOT mandated rear view mirrors. You can read on below:

[ US to Euro Mirror Swap ] Pinhead Online

A simple and relatively inexpensive mod that results in a safer driving experience. Sounds ideal to us. The part number is 51167058059 (this is for a LHD Driver Side Heated Glass). The cost was about $80 w/shipping from Knauz MINI (other dealers may vary). You can reach Knauz at 847.604.5050. Andy added these notes for those interested in the mirrors:

>1- According to Knauz, if you don’t have heated mirrors, you can just get the US spec passenger side glass and put it in the driver side because the glass is symmetrical. The reason you can’t take a passenger side heated glass and put it on the driver side is theheater terminals won’t be in the right place (the heater wires won’t be long enough). Knowing what I know about mirrors and seeing how the mirror glass is mounted on a MINI, I would agree with them.

>2- Because these Euro spec mirrors are not DOT approved, there is a chance certain dealers can’t or won’t order them. The Knauz guys said some E46 driver side mirrors they ordered were caught by customs and sent back to Europe.