MF Reader Review: Mini Do More Clubman Trailer Hitch

We’ve been wanting to get our hands on a Mini Do More trailer hitch for years but never had the right opportunity. Luckily we found someone who had not only bought and use the hitch. But also towed pretty much everything you could think of.. including a plane. Enjoy:

I ordered my Clubman (on January 24, 2008) with the “factory tow package” and was disappointed to find it deleted when I took delivery on 2/29/08. I was further disappointed when Mini of Peabody (MA) told me they wouldn’t install an after-market hitch (giving me some vague story that it wasn’t crash-tested with a tow hitch).

So I spent next 12 months on the waiting lists of MiniFini and Mini Do More while they perfected their Clubman hitches. Finally in January ’09, I ordered and installed Mini Do More’s Trailer Receiver Hitch & Tow Wiring Harness.


What I really like about their design is that it takes a standard 1-1/4″ draw bar (they offer their own in a special Mini storage bag). Also when the draw-bar is removed, the license plate covers the opening and leaves no trace (the license is mounted with bottom bolts in top holes when hitch in place).

The hitch and wiring harness appear to be high quality, came with very thorough directions, and needed only minimal tools to install.

The best news is how good a tow-car the Clubman has proven! I could not have been more pleased with my 3,000 mi trip to the Sun n’ Fun Splash-In towing my Air Creation Float Trike. At 70 mph on the highway, I barely felt it behind me. It has proved better than my Ford Escape (my previous car which I bought for it’s towing capacity). Clubman averaged 24 mpg towing my plane compared to 13.6 mpg last year with the Escape

The Mini Do More Clubman S Hitch has a 1,400 lb. capacity and 200 lb. max tongue weight. (My airplane, including the wing folded between the floats, and the boat trailer is approx. 800 lbs.)

I heartily recommend the Mini Do More hitch to all potential Mini haulers. IMGP0290[1]

  • dude – that’s HOT!

  • Very Kool, oh yeah so is the hitch set up.

  • Timothy

    I’m having trouble making out where the wing is stowed in that picture. But for those of you who’d like to see what this aircraft looks like in the air (approximately), scroll down to the bottom of this page:

  • Melis


    pretty damn useful too.

  • bluzeke

    Bet your mileage would improve even more if you used that pusher prop! 😉

  • MINIme

    Very cool. Check out

    I am saving up for one of these!!

  • Looks like a great option for MINI owners. We have had quite a few customers inquiring about a tow option for the Clubman

  • todd

    I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for a rear bike rack & hauling my bicycles around. How did get it installed? Did you do it yourself and how easy was it?


  • Hal

    Got the hitch installed on my ’09 Clubman and bought the wiring harness from MiniDoMore. Unfortunately the instructions are for a convertible. Where did you route the wires and plant the module for the harness? What panels did you have to undo?

  • That is really sweet looking! What kind of milage do you get towing with a Mini?

  • todd

    I did finally buy the rack and hitch from MiniDoMore. After a slight delay in the shipping everything arrived. I had my local mechanic install the hitch for about $125 – $150. The bike rack works great.