Here's a quick review from new contributor Rob Jones on the new JCW upgrade kit for the '02-'04 JCW Cooper S. The kit brings final output to 210hp through the use of improved injectors, new air intake, and an updated ECU.


I have written a few reviews for various mods and don't claim to write gospel but in my opinion this has to be the best mod I have purchased so far….and its all covered by warranty!

I had the upgarde done to my 200bhp JCW MCS this morning down at John Cooper Garages….

From the off in 1st gear and into second the difference is immense! It is so much more “squirty”….begging you to plant the throttle. All the way through the gears and especially in 4th the pick up is fab….it is almost like JCW have dug out an extra 6 inches behind the go-go pedal because when you floor it at the right time it throws you back in your seat like the Works kit always should have done!

When it reaches the 4500rpm the car acts like it has a turbo as the needle flies up through 5000 and 6000 and all the way up to the red line it lurches like a caged beast with the fantastic sound produced all the way through but most grin factor is reached at the top end of the rev counter!! This upgrade has turned my beloved JCW MCS into a new car. I cannot recommend this upgrade enough to my fellow JCW owners as I assure you, you wont be disappointed! I also got the John Cooper Works door sill plates while I was there too…

It was worth the wait and yes its £400….and yes they might be milking the cash cow that is JCW but it is very much worth it!!

Future news: I took a look at their new brochure which should be coming out in the next month and they will be producing a new Carbon Fibre Sports Spoiler, CF bonnet scoop and CF boot handle cover for all you CF lovers, together with Works brake upgrade with full warranty approval but the brakes wont be available until the end of the year.

So thats been my day so far. I am off to burn some fuel down the A3…!

It may be worth noting that this kit is not available for an MCS that doesn't have the original JCW kit ('02 through '04). However the intake itself will be available as a standalone item and is rumored to give about 5hp to a stock MCS. Obviously it won't have the same feel as the full upgrade kit.

This review was initially posted on MINI2 and appears on MotoringFile courtesy of Rob.