Car Magazine Celebrates MINI’s 50th

Car Magazine (one of our favorites) is celebrating the MINI’s 50th Anniversary with a series of articles from various contributors. It’s well worth a click and the perfect thing to start off Monday morning.

+ MINI is 50 / Car Magazine

  • C4

    The best photo shot ever. 2 classics now gone, but not forgotten…

  • RJ

    Interesting article on the CAR magazine website..there’s a link to the article about the soon to be introduced Honda CR-Z, which looks to my eyes amazingly like the 2nd gen CRX of many years ago. This looks to be a strong competitor for the new MINI Coupe, and is due to debut in production form in Detroit in January 2010.

  • nickminir56

    Just bought the magazine. Interesting story and some pretty nice photos.

  • bonnie brown

    Does anyone know who shot this photo, and what their contact information is?