MINI Countryman

Thanks to our friend Vince we have our first look at the Countryman’s color line-up for launch. As is customary MINI will be focusing on metallics for the majority of colors (a $500 option) but with five “solid” colors there’s more non-metallics than ever before. There will be some vaguely familiar faces and some new looks that will be welcome additions to the MINI line-up. Notably Cosmic blue harkens back to Indie Blue while Oxford Green is a dead ringer for BRG. Light White is a dead ringer for BMW’s famed Alpine White and Surf Blue is (surprisingly) a lot like the recently killed Oxygen Blue.

These colors will have zero cross-over with what is offered on the rest of the MINI range since the Countryman is produced in a separate plant in Austria.

The Countryman will be going on sale in September of 2010 throughout Europe and the UK. Following that the US and Canada will see the R60 debut around the March 2011 time-frame.