MINI Countryman

There they are. The smallest MINI next to the largest. We snagged this image (hot off the UK presses) to once again give you another perspective of the size differences between the R56 and the R60. The previous comparison we showed you gave us a view from the side. This one demonstrates the relative height differences.

But let’s break this down further. The Countryman is 15″ longer than an R56 and 5.5″ longer than a Clubman. But it gets more interesting when we look at how it compares with other MINI and BMW models we may have some familiarity with:

– R56 Hatch: 145.6″
– R55 Clubman: 156″
R60 Countryman: 161″
– BMW X1: 175″
– BMW X3: 180″
– BMW X5: 191″

MINI CountrymanCourtesy of Autoexpress

Now let’s look at a few MINI competitors:

– VW Golf (three door hatch) 165″
– VW Golf (five door hatch)
– VW Tiguan: 174″
– Suburu Outback: 188″

Conclusions? For starters the Countryman is easily one of the most “mini” crossovers on the market. The relatively low weight (suspected to be around 3,000 lbs but not confirmed yet) will also make this one of the lighter four door crossovers out there. What does all this mean? It’s clear that MINI was focused on translating the core brand values into this largest MINI vehicle to date. While we’ll refrain from final conclusions until we drive the car, the numbers (and the car) continue to look good.