You’re Invited to Road Atlanta for MINI vs Porsche

Wanna be a part of history? MINI USA is inviting MINI fans to watch the MINI vs Porsche race this Monday June 21st at Road Atlanta. However there’s a catch; there’s only room for 400 people on a first come first served basis.

It gets better. If you come to the event and register, you also get track time. Free track time and you get to see the much hyped MINI vs Porsche. Not bad for the price of free.

For those interested in making the trip all you have to do is be at Road Atlanta for the guest check-in and track time sign-up from 3:30 to 4:30 (you may want to get there sooner to make sure you get a spot). From there the schedule follows accordingly:

  • 4:30-6:30 Dinner and Track time
  • 6:30 Pre-race festivities
  • 7:00 Race followed by award ceremony
  • 7:10-8:00 Post-race celebration

But wait, how does MINI get Porsche there after they’ve publicly declined? Easy, invite anyone who owns a Porsche to race. MINI is even providing the Porsche 911 Carrera S.

  • alpinamike

    Wow , for MINI owners around ATL this is great!

  • Versus

    Free track time. Well played MINI, well played.

  • rosvick

    Ah, if only I actually owned a MINI (waiting for the R59)….

    And if only I didn’t live 2,200mi away!

  • Blainestang

    I’m planning to come up from Florida for this and show up on Monday morning to make sure I get in. Regarding the “track time”, while I’m still excited about it, it’s almost certainly referring to the Auto-X type course that the race will occur on and not the actual Road Atlanta, unfortunately. Of course, I’d be happy to be wrong. 😀

  • alpinamike

    People that go on Monday, let us know how much fun you had! Free track time if auto X , its still a weekday party.

    For once owners will look forward to Monday.

  • goat

    The denouement is excellent and all is well in MINI-land once again! A FREE and FUN track day for any mini owner near Atlanta or at least driving distance and a P-car on hand to flog too! I SO wish I could be there… Would be good to see MINI Canada organize something like this for Canuck MINI owners… Lots of great tracks near Ottawa or Montreal, might I suggest. 🙂

    The track and MINI v Porsche event should be a lot of fun to follow on 21st even if from afar. Now that the wincing pain from the 3rd video is over can get back to the idea itself – classic underdog holding its own (hopefully, depending on how the track is set up) and making drivers smile!

  • JonPD

    Still hoping to get confirmation from MINI that the friends with the E92 and E60 can have a go on the track. Also see if they Jim and Brad will accept a challenge on a course set by a classic Cooper S against the R56.

    Have fun guys at the event.

  • KPH

    I like how Porsche is completely helpless in this bit of theater. It’s happening, they are being used to MINI’s advantage and by Porsche not playing along with a laugh and a smile it’s all gravy for MINI.

  • It seems like a win win all around really – Mini people are happy we’re making fun of Porsche, and Porsche drivers get to continue sneering at smaller cars – pretty much supported by Porsche…

    I wouldn’t mind betting this was the plan all along – but who cares – it’s great entertainment!

  • eto

    This should be a fun day, and I plan to be there.

  • jbkONE

    @JonPD: you keep mentioning the classic Mini Cooper S. Is it stock? Wouldn’t really be fair to run a hopped up classic against a bone stock MINI. just like it wouldn’t be fair to run a hopped up New MINI against a stock Porsche 911 S. And are the M3s stock as well? Stock wheels/tires?

  • JonPD

    Yes the fellow that I know that wants to do this has a stock Mini though he spends more time with it on a autocross than likely anybody in a MINI does. The M3 is stock and the M5 has new rubber.

  • goat

    @ JonPD – I just want to give you thanks for taking the initiative and setting up the classic mini and M-cars with your friends… it’s a lot of work to coordinate something like that but glad to see MINI is working with you too. You are vocal + local and a real MINI fan! Nice work man! 🙂

  • So if I own a Porsche and a Mini, which seat do I get to sit on?

  • JonPD

    I am still hoping to hear back from MINIUSA on the counter challenge. Should be fun to see what the M3 can do if they let him, think the M5 is in trouble though. I can assure you that the classic driver can smoke MINI, this guy has taken me to school several times in his classic.

    Either way this will be fun, I do love Porsche as well and really think a lot of my commentary might have been harsh but I think this was a no win proposition for them. I hate that a lot of people have felt its been needed to attack Porsche to make them feel better about MINI. I love MINI too and really don’t need to compare it to Porsche to have a blast with these little cars.

  • Aaron

    Were I an executive at VW, Mazda, etc. I’d be all over this. How about a ‘Pick on someone your own size, MINI’ counter-campaign from another manufacturer?

    I’m not saying that they would win, of course… I just think that it could be a lot of fun and a cheeky way to get into the action.

  • Minipuma

    JonPD — as you can see, the schedule for the event is posted above. MINI has only reserved the track for three and a half hours and most of that is set aside for the open track time for those of the 400 guests who want to take advantage of it.

    Which 90 minutes or so are you proposing that MINI cancel of their scheduled events so that you and your friends can take over the course to prove whatever point it is you think you are going to prove? Are you prepared to pay for half of the expenses involved in renting out the track, feeding 400 guests, including insurance for the event and the cars that you are going to race on the track? Do you expect all of the other guests at the event to give up their free track time so that the evening can be organized around your so-called challenge?

  • lavardera

    Minipuma – maybe we can throw Jon a JCW post to go complain in the comments about, keep him busy…

  • Chris

    University of Florida challenges New Orleans Saints to game. Saints decline.

  • jbkONE

    @JonPD – glad to hear they’re stock! I’d LOVE to see that stock classic Cooper S go head-to-head with a MINI Cooper S!!

  • “Free track time to anyone who shows”? I’m thinking parade laps….

  • JonPD

    First no parade laps its going to be runs on the autocross track they have setup, still a blast.

    Minipuma – Just wondering how BMW would take the fact that the R56 is quicker through the autocross than either M car. So by MINIUSA’s view this means the R56 would be better than both. Then using the same aspect with the classic that MINI is using against Porsche we would see that a classic Mini is better than them all.

    If your going to have a flawed theory you might as well see how far you can take it. Just meaning does anyone honestly think a 100k Porsche is less of a car than a R56 heh.

    Lav maybe we could get another R60 article so you can share more of your MINI Lemonade with everybody lol. Didn’t realize you wanted MF for blind fanboys only 😉

  • goat

    The first “me too” competitor has already challenged MINI at said track… hornet’s nest has well and truly been poked here (Hyundai’s vid is ghetto without the riffic but the offer to meet at Atlanta in July against MINI seems very serious):

    The Genesis is pretty serious kit… as a long-time miata driver I can tell you that RWD and good F/R balance is a MASSIVE advantage to hold and Hyundai can even legitimately bring one of their “Track Pack” optioned car which ships factory with adjustable camber slots up front. MINI should respond in kind with a full JCW (inclusive of suspension!).

    This is good all around… but hope we don’t get more “piling on”… if GM decides to join the fray with a Cobalt SS there will be no way to out-market that car as it is FWD like the MINI and absolutely devours both twisties and straights. I think MINI knew these possible outcomes when they poked Porsche but I think it is because they planned to step up their performance game significantly anyway with future JCW models. We may end up with a full-boil hot hatch sooner rather than later… the Coopster would be the perfect platform for a “time attack” MINI. Exciting times for sure!

  • B
  • lavardera

    Jon objecting to your endless redundant droning does not equal fanboy. What? Thats supposed to be the ultimate STFU retort around here? If I’m not on board with your complaiing I’m a fanboy? I don’t even know what the hell your are talking about with the R60 and lemonade… You sir are the biggest F’n GP Fanboy I’ve ever seen, as if that frk’n car rolls on water, can do no wrong. I’m not seeing it.

  • glangford

    I do love my mini, but there is one area I’d rather them address with Porsche. The latest JD Power and Associates Quality ratings are out. Porsche is number 1. Mini has climbed out of last years last place showing to 30th. Challege Porsche in that area please!!

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  • Dale Skrobot

    I live 10 mins. away and just saw it (before it was aired). Porsche won. Mini was a valiant effort but no match for the “classic sportscar” as they claimed it.

    Joe Rogan was there. Got a quick pic with him.