MINI Canyon Rendering

A few weeks ago we broke the news on MINI’s proposed three door variant of the Countryman (then last week the rest of the automotive world picked up on it). The car would use a shortened Countryman platform but shorter for less weight and greater performance. Yet the all wheel drive and the semi off-road ability will be maintained (as will the higher ride height).

The proposal goes that if the MINI can spawn a Coupe Can the MINI Countryman propose a smaller 3dr activity Concept. While the car is far from an official go, However while we’re at least two years away from seeing the car (if it comes at all) Auto Express has given us an excellent preview in the way of an unofficial rendering by the magazine’s art department.

  • grueinthebox

    That looks pretty sharp. Any word on whether they’ve given any consideration to putting AWD into a regular hardtop body, though? I’m sure there would be some engineering challenges, but I’d find that even more appealing.

  • Cory

    I love this.

  • This is great…reminds me of the Geo Tracker… But where is the promised PRO-Drive release???

  • KPH

    Yeah, I like that very much. Concept of use similar to the original RAV4 only vastly superior in all regards. It’d be an all weather city/mountain car, only with the slightly reduced handling performance the necessary ground clearance brings. A smaller, better handling Forester Turbo with 30+ mpg. Great.

  • JCW

    Imagine a JCW version of this AWD Beast. Im Waiting.

  • Nice looking variant for sure. But Sideways EH! What we don’t need is anything close to a GEO TRACKER. Test drove one once upon a time and had to get out and push it up the hill!! And that’s the truth!! I can’t wait to see the Stateside verison of the Countryman! On the clock and waiting!!

  • John

    WOW that is stunning. I like the countryman but this is just amazing looking. They better come out with it.

  • MINIme

    Beachcomber or bust! Give us outdoor enthusiasts, clinging to our youth, something to look forward to. This is just too tame(lame).

  • ftttupwmcs

    With the color and the sloping rear glass, disturbing images of the Pontiac Aztec come to mind. I can’t say I’m against MINI releasing this but with only this image and the little info available, I just don’t know.

  • txdesign

    This is the answer to what question exactly?

  • Is this cooler than Jean shorts and a mullet?

  • Chris

    Kill it until it dies!

  • B-

    Perhaps all the haters should show off the cars that your car companies have made?… Oh, I guess you don’t have a car company. Perhaps you should get another sticker for your car..

    I like how it looks.

  • PocoToro

    Why are there mud flaps in front of the front tires ????

  • CharlieVictor

    PocoToro – Who says MINIs only go forwards?! Good eye, though – made me look again!

    I like it, but it does remind me a little of the Isuzu VehiCROSS – That’s still better than the Aztec . . .

  • @PocoToro:

    go out and look at your car– you have these, but they are probably not as pronounced. They are for aerodynamic purposes, not mudflaps.

  • I want one! Make it!!!

  • Pipe

    Not a bad rendering. I could go for something like that if the Clubbie is going the way of the dodo.

  • O5MINI

    I live in a snowy climate, 25 miles from town-this I could drive year round!

  • Dood

    The mullet is back!

  • Dood

    Gabe. My comments have not appeared for weeks now. Is this a glitch or have I been blackballed for some unknown reason?

  • GaryD

    Not a fan of the Countryman… however, for whatever subtle (and not so subtle) differences, I actually do like this design.

  • Greg W

    Is this possibly the WRC Prodrive car?

  • cze33r

    All I see is a small X6 and the same question comes to mind. Why?

    Very clever. Now please make the most of your Prodrive partnership and get them to do all of the chassis work on the twins and the 3rd gen cars.

  • This would be THE MINI I’d be willing to trade in my R56S for! AWD would be great for Northeast Ohio winters. Please MINI, build this model!