The First Production Countryman Rolls off the Line

No it’s not the first Countryman ever (we’ve already driven three pre-production examples) but it is truly the first customer R60 ever built. And it couldn’t be more MINI finished in Pure Red with a white roof and chrome line trim.

  • CV

    That’s a good looking combo with the white wheels. I wish it was going to be mine. Especially because it’s also a Countryman D. I know we’ve been over this before, and for some it’s probably a really dead horse, but I still would like to see MINI bring this over to the states with the diesel as an option. That would push me over the brink for sure – and mine would look just like the one in this video. Come on MINI, if VW can make a 50-state legal diesel, and they do, and it sells (I own two), then I hope you can see that there is a market for a diesel Countryman in the states.

  • Paul

    If you pause the video at 12 seconds you can see the red Countryman parks next to a white Cooper S!

    Maybe someone forgot to get their camera out in time, and so videod the second one off the line.

  • oh goshh… it had to be a diesel. not a cooper s…

  • MatthewW

    With you 100% CV.

    The added torque and the biodiesel option make a Countryman D a nearly irresistible second MINI for my family.

    My wife has been driving a 4-door Golf TDI since 2003 and she swears by it. The payload is insane for a compact and the mileage is insane while not MINI-like in responsiveness, VWs remain fairly fun to drive. A diesel MINI is probably the only way I’ll get her to switch 🙂

  • Countyman D. Id spend 30,000 right now. You listening MINI?

  • ftttupwmcs

    Paul, I noticed the same thing about the white Countryman already parked in the same area.

    Yes, the diesel would be perfect for this vehicle, especially the 2.0 version. More than enough fun power to run it up through the gears and more than enough torque to pull a nicely equipped trailer. Come on, MINI, get with the program in the US!

  • James Irmiger

    +1 for the American Countryman Diesel, please 😉

  • Ooo. Daddy like.