It’s over. MINI is out at Dakar thanks to a dramatic accident. Guerlain Chicherit had an accident behind the wheel of the MINI Countryman during a test drive he took on the rest day in Arica. The X-Raid Team driver suffered from a head trauma, which – fortunately – did not need for him to be taken to the Arica hospital; Chicherit was just kept under observation in the medical antenna of the rally organization on Saturday evening.

The Countryman on the other hand didn’t fare as well being terminally damaged in the accident. According to Sven Quandt, X-Raid Team Manager the car flipped end-over-end a couple of time before coming to rest. The team looked into repairing the Countryman but a lack of time and parts ruled out that possibility. (various videos after the break)

Stage 2 Recap

Stage 1 Recap

The video below (taken Friday) represents one of the last stages MINI competed in before the crash.