While at MINI headquarters today we learned that MINI will be launching a new initiative called MINI Yours. The idea behind Yours is to take factory options and dealer accessories to the next level and allow for an entirely new range of customization. Think of this as BMW Individual for MINI but with a lot less black and silver.


In fact we’ve already seen MINI Yours’ first product in the MINI Hampton. The Hampton was developed under the new initiative and will launch this March in most markets. The idea was born out of the success of the Camden and Mayfair models. MINI wanted to find a way to create a platform for more expression that could offer both special editions like the Camden or Mayfair while also offering bespoke design and unique options.

The full list of options and costs is not available yet but we’re told it will be launching very soon worldwide. So how far can we go with these options? I was told crocodile seats are probably out but that MINI expects to surprise us with the breadth of tailoring each model will have at their disposal.

And don’t be surprised to see MINI Yours kick-off with an even more ‘bespoke’ bang very soon

You can see the first fruits of this labor in the MINI Hampton below.

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