MINI Yours: The Ultimate Way to Design a MINI

While at MINI headquarters today we learned that MINI will be launching a new initiative called MINI Yours. The idea behind Yours is to take factory options and dealer accessories to the next level and allow for an entirely new range of customization. Think of this as BMW Individual for MINI but with a lot less black and silver.


In fact we’ve already seen MINI Yours’ first product in the MINI Hampton. The Hampton was developed under the new initiative and will launch this March in most markets. The idea was born out of the success of the Camden and Mayfair models. MINI wanted to find a way to create a platform for more expression that could offer both special editions like the Camden or Mayfair while also offering bespoke design and unique options.

The full list of options and costs is not available yet but we’re told it will be launching very soon worldwide. So how far can we go with these options? I was told crocodile seats are probably out but that MINI expects to surprise us with the breadth of tailoring each model will have at their disposal.

And don’t be surprised to see MINI Yours kick-off with an even more ‘bespoke’ bang very soon

You can see the first fruits of this labor in the MINI Hampton below.

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  • It’s been a few years since I ordered my MINI, but it would have been nice to have the dealer simply download my pre-built MINI specs from the MINIUSA website and have it print directly on the order sheet without having to re-write everything.

    That would make the you-ification process much easier to actually buy..

  • robble

    I know they are talking about making the JCW aerokit available from the factory but I haven’t heard about this.

  • MINImofo

    I got lucky when i want in to design and order my MINIin 09 They had a MCS manual DG W/redwood leather on the lot. Only thing It didnt have was the HK sound and i was ok with it for the $1750 discount they gave me.

  • David Ling

    I hope they get the supply chain sorted better than it is currently for the Countryman in the UK – where many personalising accessories are still unavailable.

  • alpinamike

    So, finally the long waited MINI Yours’ is on track. I have been telling them the individual line would work for the MINI brand. They said way back , its already customized enough. Well, MINI oxford says there is room for more.

  • agranger

    So how is this different from the normal buying experience from the past 9 years? Just more options?

  • Harry Dill

    Nice for those that will be satisfied with simply more icing on their cake, but for the serious enthusiast ostentation will never cut it. Bring us a new JCW GP and/or better yet, a ne plus ultra JCW GP Diesel with all wheel drive. Yeah baby … now we’re talkin’MINI motoring as we like it with understated visual panache and palpable performance upgrades. Hail Britainia!

  • rosvick

    This is fantastic news for me, a Canadian, and a future MINI owner. In Canada, we are very limited in the combination of options we can have on our MINIs, because almost everything is included in a package, and a bunch of packages actually force you to add another package to continue. For example, for MINI Connected, you need the Tech Package for $1,200 (which is fine by me), but you MUST add the Comfort Package for an additional $1,900 (ouch), and that gets you Media Connect (okay), heated seats (very good), and a glass sunroof (not going to happen any time soon – I hate sunroofs!). So, that means I can’t even order MINI Connected because of the price and the extra crap I don’t want.

    If MINI is bringing this program to Canada, I’m definitely going to be abusing it and ordering a car exactly the way I want (finally)! Please make it so!

  • Bilbo Bagginjs

    I just guessing here, but I bet there are no performance options.

  • bee1000

    I really wish MINIs could just be relatively inexpensive cars for enthusiasts rather than status symbols. I know that’s no way to run a company, but it’s the way I feel.

    It’s kind of nice when my friend says she doesn’t want a MINI because mine is too loud and it has a manual transmission.

  • R.O.

    To really make it a “MINI Yours” MINI should stop limiting paint colors. I understand having special “limited” edition Mini’s with special colors (GP) but make all other colors available for all other models in same class, i.e. All R56 colors available for non S and S, colors for R60 models across the entire R60 line.

    Also in the past, Mini had photographs of R50, 53, etc with chrome line exteriors but the mirror caps were in body color, yet you couldn’t order it that way. In addition, I’ve seen photos that MINI put out with the boot hatch on the R53 in chrome without the exterior chrome package, you couldn’t order it that way either.

    Then certain Rim (wheels) size could not be ordered with All seasons or only with run flats – even inside the same rim size (15’s or 16’s) Crazy.

    In Europe you could get the leather/cloth combo in all Carbon Black – not in the USA. So, for real Mini-ification or MINI YOURS, have all individual options, paints, etc available across the entire line – S, no S, whatever.

  • rosvick

    R.O.: You’ve hit the nail on the head! That’s exactly what I’m hoping for as well!

  • As Always…Go MINI!!

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