The MINI JCW Endurance Finishes the Nurburgring 24 Hours

With a new car and a totally revised engine, MINI has succeeded in finishing the Nurburgring 24 Hours. But it was also heartbreaking as the #146 Coupe had climbed its way up to 47th overall early this morning. But ultimately engine issues (which seemed to be software related while watching the race) forced a long and costly pitspot that put it back in the back.

Beyond the engine issues, why didn’t MINI Motorsports do better than a couple of the other professional MINI teams? Remember this is basically a new team with untested cars and untested engines than don’t race the VLN series. They were new comers just hoping to finish and gather data. Why are they gather data? Could it be for a revised JCW down the road? Or is it an updated MINI Challenge engine? Either way we’d call it a job well done.

You can see the first two minutes and last 13 minutes of the race after the break.

The Start

The Finish


  • Gary (the other one)

    I’d sure buy one of those tees at 0:25 into the MINI Endurance clip…

  • Dr Obnxs

    It’s good that they finished, hats off to them. But “They were just newcomers hoping to finish and gather data” doesn’t square with the previous statements that they were hoping to be in the top 10 in thier class. Managing expectations is a bitch, isn’t it? They did well for the first time out of the gate, but didn’t do so well with thier own stated standard of sucess.

    And with ECU issues in the race, now they know what RSR Motorsports has had to deal with!


    • That was a mis-quote and that was our fault. The original story was updated yesterday once we realized that. Their goal was to simply finish and gather as much data and experience as possible.

  • Anonymous

    Damn P-cars, we’ll get’em next time. Pass the tissue box to audi.

  • Bob Lavoie

    How many total cars (all classes) started in the race and how many finished the 24 HRS?  How many were in the same class as the 2 JCW Coupes & what place did the 2 Coupes fisnih within their class? Any word on what specific problems both experienced to spend extended periods in the pits?

    • fishbert

      202 total cars (67 DNF) 23 cars in the SP3T class (9 DNF) 8 MINIs in the SP3T class (1 DNF)

      ——Ranking of MINIs in the SP3T class—— 4th — car: #142, laps: 134, team: Alpecin Schirra motoring 10th — car: #139, laps: 114, team: Dörr Motorsport 11th — car: #146, laps: 114, team: MINI Motorsport 12th — car: #154, laps: 109, team: s.i.g-Motorsport 13th — car: #147, laps: 108, team: MINI Motorsport 14th — car: #153, laps: 105, team: s.i.g-Motorsport DNF — car: #152, laps: 43, team: Alpecin Schirra motoring

      • fishbert

        ok those links at the end got mangled…

        class results: overall results:

  • JonPD

    Was another great race this year. Glad they did as well as they did. 

  • Harry Dill

    The online streaming coverage was great, although the Audi stream was obviously VAG brands-centric with its pit coverage showing negligible MINI action. Audi was very impressive with its 3rd, 4th, 5th spots at the finish line — this strong performance in the slipstream of last week’s Le Mans victories is laudable. Credit must be given where credit is due. The 458 Italia and Aston Zagato did not do as well as expected … AMG Mercedes, not bad. I spotted one Lotus Evora that regrettably finished in the hinterland. And no McLarens or Ferrari 599 GTOs. What a pity!

    I’d like to know how the MINI coupes did versus the MINI JCW hatchbacks?

    • bluzeke

      MINI’s Overall:

      34th   – #142 Hatch 105th – #139 Hatch 106th – #146 Coupe 116th – #154 Hatch 118th – #147 Coupe 126th – #153 Hatch DNF   – #152 Hatch

    • bluzeke

      MINI’s Overall:

      34th   – #142 Hatch 105th – #139 Hatch 106th – #146 Coupe 116th – #154 Hatch 118th – #147 Coupe 126th – #153 Hatch DNF   – #152 Hatch

    • Harry Dill

      Thank you for the results, bluzeke. Greatly appreciated.

  • Harry Dill

    If this were a “beauty” contest, the Italia would arguably edge out the competition in its class, although the P4 would make a lovely road car. The GT3s with their genetic Porsche “morphology” may be a bit mundane, but nonetheless quite beautiful. It would have been nice to see a few Alfa 8Cs in the mix.

  • KPH

    Thanks to fishbert and bluzeke for the salient finish standings. I couldn’t get past the factory results in my google search for how any other MINI did.  Not shabby at all, especially the 34th place overall for #142 and only one DNF for any of them. A closer look at the Alpecin Schirra car/team would be worthwhile huh?