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– Lap 5: MINI #146 had a solid start into the race and hold its ground as 99th after seven laps. #147 currently out of race in lap five. Update to follow.
– #147 has been returned to the pits. Driver Harald Hennes is alright. Crew is working on the car to get it back into the race.
– While car no. 147 is still being worked on, car no. 146 has worked its way back up to 78th after 15 laps.
– Insider from the pits: Things starting to look positive for MINI #147. Likely to re-enter the race. MINI #146 is back on the track after a pitstop and driver change number two. Jürgen Schmarl is now at the wheel.
– MINI #146 is 108th after 23 laps.
– #147 is back out (thanks Axel!)
– ‎Pit lane and the GP course are mostly dry but on the Nordschleife there are still a couple of wet spots due to the rain during the last couple of days.
– MINI #146 is 64th after 46 laps. Ralf Martin handed the wheel over to Jürgen Schmarl. Also, MINI #147 is 180th after 25 laps. Harald Hennes took over from Fredrik Lestrup.
– MINI #146 just sprinted into the top 50 overall after 67 laps. Ovations from the crew when the drivers changed again.

– Bad break for MINI #146. After moving up to 47th overall, engine problems stop the run through the overall standings. Car is back in the pits, crew is working feverishly on the engine. Update to follow.
– Pit crew is trying to get MINI #146 back into the race once the issues has been solved.
– MINI #146 has just left the pits re-entering the race.
– MINI 146 is currently 109th with 72 laps, MINI 147 is 151st with 61 laps.
– Ever since MINI #146 got back on the track it had to deal with minor technical issues. Currently, #146 ranks 133th after 84 laps. Meanwhile, MINI #147 has been driving steadily and is currently 141th with 81 laps due to the delays early in the race.
– ‎39th Nürburgring 24 Hour Race just ended. Both MINI John Cooper Works Coupé Endurance finished the race. Congratulations to the whole team.
– MINI #146 finishes the race 113th (113 laps), MINI #147 ends up 129th (107 laps).

(Source: MINI Motorsport)