MINI USA Online Coupe Configurator Goes Online

Get the internets warmed up. The Coupe has officially hit the configurator. However there’s a catch.

As of this moment the only way to get to it is to choose one of the existing models and then click “change model” in the top left. From there you can choose your Coupe of choice. Just make sure to treat your hypothetical MINI Coupe to a $1000 leather dash. It totally deserves it.

Now start clicking

  • Anonymous

    AS of now at least the hardtops are still configuring as 2011’s but I configured my 37k coupe!  Now if I could just afford it.

  • bsidon

    I love the Coupe, but the two available viewing angles in the configurator ain’t doing it any favors. 🙂

    • hFred

      Agreed on the viewing angles; they are okay for showing off roof ornamentation on other MINI models, but have a wide-angle distortion, so the Coupe gets a big nose and a bigger butt. The European configurators’ viewing angles are more complimentary.

      • minipuma

        I don’t like the viewing angles for any of the models, it’s very cartoonish and makes it hard to imagine the actual real-world impact of the car, especially the wheels.

        • bsidon

 configurator is now live….viewing angles are much better, and the wheel sizes are more accurate.

      • Late 2013.

  • JonPD

    Have mine configured as ordered and already posted on FB lol

    • And on Google+ as well. Started adding the options and look at that a 47K MINI. 40K is good for now. The other stuff can be added later.

  • MINImofo

    I wish I was in the position to buy one. I just got married and the wife wants a kid in the next year or so.  I see a clubman in my future……


      That is a pretty nice penalty box… I always like the Clubman though…

  • jeff

    website’s been updated with the coupe section at the bottom of the main screen.

  • Versus

    Whoa, white with black top is quite the looker.

  • Just looked closer at the leather punch seats. Looks like the under color is going to show through the holes and what color is it? Beige? Looks like I am going to have the local shop lay some orange under that punch leather. Sometimes you have to go that extra mile to get what you want.

  • Jim W.

    Fun! I configured an affordable Coupe S for around 28,000, but where is that nice blue that was shown in the Coupe world premiere photos? The other colors are the same unexciting (opinion) lineup we’ve been presented with for years.

    I don’t think I’m interested in the dark blue….  And I already have one red MINI.

    • minipuma

      I think the premiere photo was Lightning Blue (the dark blue) with weird lighting / overexposed digital photography.

      • Anonymous

        Should be lightening Blue. I thought Laguna Green would be an option but not seeing it. I already ordered mine after a recent test drive and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival in a few months. I am willing to bet it my car will arrive before the badges I ordered 

        • Marferd

          Laguna Green won’t be available until November. The other MINI Yours color – highclass grey – is not available on Coupe

  • what @Jim W said. And where’s my hot cocoa?  😉 


    I wanted to see if I could build using the MINI Yours colors and it looks up each time I select the MINI Yours side scuttles

  • bsidon

    Weirdly, if you stick Black Star Bullet wheels on the Coupe, they display much, much larger than the other 17″ wheel options….looks great, but misleading.  Seems to only effect the Coupe configurator.

  • Nphilli1

    The S Coupe with Midnight Black Color and JCW Package has a Blue Aero kit that I don’t like, but I want the JCW wheels. Which color combo does everyone like?